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Leave it to Gabrielle Union, one of the sunniest personalities in Hollywood, to turn maybe the biggest day of her life into a super-adorable joke.

Over the weekend, the actress celebrated the one-year anniversary of her marriage to basketball star Dwyane Wade at a chateau in Miami by turning their beautifully-shot wedding video into a rom-com trailer to end all rom-com trailers.

From the looks of The Wade Union (Great title, Gab), Union’s wedding day was truly epic. There’s an inebriated wedding speech from funny man Kevin Hart, monkeys (!!!), John Legend on the keys, Questlove on the turntables, cameos from Common, Lala, and Essence Atkins (of Smart Guy fame), and more than a few basketball superstars showing off their moves.

Below, peep the full trailer for the film (retroactively due in December 2014) and congrats to the happy couple a year later!


Image via Instagram