Trilby Beresford
April 13, 2017 9:53 am

When we think of Elmo, we think of that sweet little monster with soft red fluffy fur and kindness in his heart. Well, someone from the Sci Tech Museum in Canada posted a furless Tickle Me Elmo, and we will NEVER SLEEP AGAIN.

When we say furless, this is totally naked Elmo (looking like a full-on skeleton with eyeballs literally popping out of his head)…being tickled. Here’s what we love/despise most: He’s still laughing. And we’re not sure whether to laugh or run into the nearest bunker to await the robot/Elmo apocalypse.

Warning: You can’t unsee this.

We know you’re secretly craving more, so the good news is THERE IS MORE. And this one includes furless Cookie Monster.

As much as these naked robots make our skin crawl, it’s kinda cool to see their inner workings and be reminded that these machines were made by a skilled team. Still, here’s the most appropriate reaction:

Full disclosure: We might be experiencing nightmares tonight. Should we look at REGULAR Elmo?!

via giphyPhew. Okay, we needed that. Now excuse us while we go watch kittens on repeat to feel okay again.