Rachel Paige
Updated Aug 08, 2016 @ 11:24 am
Credit: Cindy Schultz/Flickr

It’s all fun and games until Dopey almost falls off of Steamboat Willie during Fantasmic.

Know upfront that both Dopey (and, as you’ll soon see, Goofy) are FINE. According to the internet, they walked away from the incident with a few cuts, scrapes, and a bruise or two. These two beloved Disney characters are a-okay…and we’re so sorry for laughing hysterically at this, but like, there’s just something about videos of people falling that are HILARIOUS.

Last night, during the 9 p.m. show of Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios at Disney World in Orlando, Florida (that’s a mouthful), everything was fine and dandy. Mickey had just vanquished Maleficent, which meant that it was time for a happy ending. If you’ve never seen Fantasmic before, at the very end of the show ALL your favorite Disney characters come out on a big boat, Steamboat Willie to be specific. They do a cute little dance and wave ribbons around in the air and the entire audience claps and cheers and it’s damn magical.

Well, last night, while Dopey was walking down the side of the boat, he tripped a little. But, Dopey is used to tripping all the time, he’s Dopey and he recovered. And then that’s when he just like, up and FALLS OVER THE SIDE OF THE BOAT and LANDS ON TOP OF GOOFY BELOW HIM. false


Being a good Rescue Ranger, Chip (pretty sure it’s Chip) rushes to Dopey’s side as the two quickly duck away from view of everyone else. And remember, everyone is okay. Goofy is going to recover from having Dopey land on top of him, and it’s a good thing he did. Otherwise, Dopey probably would have fallen into the Fantasmic water — but don’t freak out, the water is only about two feet deep. Even if Dopey had taken the plunge, it would have just been a big ~splash~.

Do you need to watch the incident again one more time, and even just on loop?

Credit: MaagicConch/Twitter

Let’s hope the week only gets better for Dopey.