Anna Gragert
March 31, 2016 9:23 am

We fell in love with Jodie Sweetin the moment she started playing Full House‘s Stephanie Tanner in 1987. Now, 29 years later, she has us falling head-over-heels all over again – and not only because of Fuller House.

During an interview with Us Weekly, Sweetin took a moment to open up about her struggle with sobriety. In the past, she coped with an addiction to substances such as crystal meth and alcohol. “We all have our demons,” Sweetin explains. “When we finally learn to let them go, we get to live and be free.” Mainly, she’s referring to the fact that this month marks her 5-year sobriety anniversary.

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With two adorable daughters (7-year-old Zoie and 5-year-old Beatrix), hit shows Full House and Fuller House, and fiancé Justin Hodak by her side, Sweetin states“I’ve got everything I could want.” She beautifully adds, “I look back at things that have happened in the past, and I look at where I’m now, and it’s crazy. If anything, my life is a lesson to never give up.” 

When it comes to her fiancé, Sweetin is in good company. She now has a partner who’s supported her on this admirable journey to recovery. “He was 11 years sober in December,” Sweetin reveals. “We turn to each other for support. We both have our own lives and things we’re excited about, but we combine that, where we have this great relationship.” 

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Back in 2014, Sweetin met writer/producer Hodak and it seems that timing was everything – especially since Sweetin has learned a lot along the way. “He’s so different and, really importantly, I’m different,” she says. “I haven’t always had the best luck in relationships, and I’ve learned a lot of lessons. I want to be married. I don’t think there’s anything wrong admitting that it didn’t work before and trying again.”

Considering that Jodie is in no way obligated to talk about her addiction struggles, we truly admire her honesty. We especially love that she’s working to prove that, no matter what obstacles head your way, things will get better (especially if you reach out to those you love for support).