Blast from the past reunions are all the rage this year and we are definitely not complaining. Especially when such a reunion involves anything to do with Full House (soon-to-be Fuller House!).

On Tuesday night, the stars aligned, bringing Bob Saget, Candace Cameron Bure, and Ashley Olsen together on a New York City red carpet. The three were attending Cool Comedy – Hot Cuisine, A Benefit For The Scleroderma Research Foundation when they bumped into each other and snapped a precious pic. Also, this just so happens to be the second time Danny and Michelle (or Bob and Ashley, I guess) reunited in the past two months! Either they frequent a lot of the same places or it was meant to be. (We’re gonna go with the latter.)

While the three proved that they share an unbreakable connection because of their matching, all-black outfits.

Bob Saget posted the photo on Instagram and lovingly wrote, “So fortunate these amazing young women are in my life. Candace, Ashley, and my biological daughters Lara & Aubrey. Made #CoolComedyHotCuisine benefiting the Scleroderma Research Foundation an even more special event for me personally.”

This. Is. The. Cutest. (Also – the whole “biological daughters” part gave us a good chuckle/made us tear up a bit because that means he refers to Ashley as his “TV daughter.”)

As for the rest of the cast, they’ve also spoken about sending nothing but positive vibes to the Olsens—particularly newlywed Mary-Kate. There was John Stamos, who dedicated an entire, absolutely adorable Instagram post to the sisters. There was also Candace Cameron Bure, who was a tad bit upset about her non-invite to MK’s surprise nuptials, but was nonetheless happy for her TV sister.

Now, if Stephanie/Jodie Sweetin was at the red carpet reunion, that would totally make up for Mary Kate being MIA! Then, it would be the sisterly get-together of our dreams. However, Sweetin was actually recording something with Uncle Jooey/Dave Coulier on Tuesday, so we totally understand her absence:

While we’d like nothing more than a full-on reunion with the entire cast, we’ll take anything we can get! Plus, we can always re-watch every single episode of Full House (for the millionth time) as we gear up for the upcoming Fuller House (aka The Ultimate Reunion).

[Images via Instagram and Jeff Franklin Productions]