Rachel Paige
July 22, 2015 9:36 am

Full House is getting a brand new revival show — Fuller House, which we are very very excited about — so naturally the only other thing it needs is a brand new stage musical, right? Right. So guess what’s happening?

Duh. A brand new stage musical, Full House! The Musical, which is already our new favorite “Tanner family parody.”

Coming to us from Bob and Tobly McSmith, who also brought us Bayside! The Musical and Showgirls! The Musical, we’re going to hang out with our favorite San Francisco family as they live, laugh, and grow together all under one roof. Now, just with 100% more singing.

Entertainment Weekly snagged the first-look at the brand new cast, which stars Perez Hilton (yes that Perez) as Danny Tanner. It also features Seth Blum as Joey, John Duff as Jesse, Bridget Russell Kennedy as Becky, Amanda Nicholas as DJ, Marguerite Halcovage as Stephanie, and Marshall Louise as the Olsen Twins. Yes, both Olsen Twins, because this time instead of two people playing one role, one person will play two roles.

To see this production, we’ve just got to get ourselves to either Toronto or New York City, where the show will have runs. And we’re going to want to get ourselves there, seeing as how the musical numbers in the show include such melodies like, “This House is Too Full,” and “Have Mercy on My Heart/Don’t Touch the Hair,” as performed by Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky. Also, spoiler alert, Comet the Dog will sing, too, and that right there is worth the price of admission alone.

Just one thing, though, where’s Kimmy, and her show stopping musical finale?

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