I was not kidding when I said I was going to stick to writing about Full House for awhile. Why? Why?! Because I am overwhelmed with excitement at the prospect of Fuller House. Because I sobbed and sobbed when the show was cancelled. Because Danny Tanner and the gang were my favorite people, I could not rightfully keep talking about Full House without giving a major shout out to my main man, Danny T.

EINTKILF Danny Tanner

1. Be generous.
Danny lets his best friend and his brother- in-law live in his house, presumably rent-free, for like eight years. Not only THAT, but Danny lets his brother-in-law GET MARRIED, have TWINS, and continue to live in his house. I will pretend like maybe he made them pay rent, but even so, Danny was an incredibly kind-hearted man to allow so many people in his house.

2. It is okay to be nerdy.

Danny invented the Dad Joke. Bob Saget, however, did not. His jokes are not Dad Jokes.

3. Love your daughters.
Danny, in all of his dorky glory, is incredible to all three of his daughters. He maintains such a strong relationship to these three little ladies, all growing up without a mother. Danny’s combination of sensitivity, humor, and trust make him a stellar parent to his girls.

4. Let yourself love again.
Though Danny sort of sees people on occasion (though not very often), he only really ever loves Vicky after Pam’s passing. Vicky was the best, and I actually have no idea why they didn’t beg that actress to stay on the show. Remember when they are in Disneyland?! So romantic! She made so much sense, and really balanced out Danny’s neurotic personality.

5. Fashion sense is important.

What I wouldn’t give for a glimpse at Danny’s closet.

6. Be optimistic.
Even though Danny faced misfortune in his life, he’s always remained upbeat and happy. Part of this might be because he is the father figure in a ’90s family sitcom, but IDK, guys. I kind of believe in Danny. He’s like Santa Claus—if you believe he’s for real, he is for real.

7. Keep it clean.
My GOD, I was happy that my mother was nothing like Danny “obsessively clean” Tanner. We cleaned the house because we had to, but it was never a family event, and it was never THAT important to my mother. It was more important to make the house seem relatively clean after she worked for 12 hours a day than to, say, dust the floorboards. I still don’t dust. I haven’t cleaned my keyboard in years and it is hard to type now. (That’s a semi-joke.)

8. Men and women are equal!

9. Heart-to-hearts can cure anything.
You know when the Full House music cued up, and (usually Danny, but sometimes other people) gave a nice speech about A, B, and C? Those were my favorite moments. They always made me cry, and I was always down to learn a lesson. I made a joke a few years ago about Danny being the dad I didn’t have growing up, but it’s not totally a joke. I mean, I had Homer Simpson as well, but I definitely learned my solid nice-people skills from Danny.

10. It’s OK to hug.
Danny Tanner was a huge hugger, and I think hugs are super nice. (Even though I used to be way more hug-happy and now that I am in this old age, I have changed a bit.) Still though—I’d give Danny a hug.

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