Artist TheNamelessDoll is without a doubt one of our faves to watch when it comes to reimagining Disney princesses. She’s shown us what the princesses would look like with short hair, as mermaids, and even what would happen if Ariel and Peter Pan were to meet. We’re totally mesmerized by her phenomenal work, and now she’s given us something new to obsess over: Disney princesses with realistic bodies. Now, lots of people have reimagined the princesses with more reasonable dimensions, but TheNamelessDoll has taken the idea a step further, because all of her reimaginings are GIFs.

As TheNamelessDoll has written before on her Tumblr, she’s not out to make some sort of “statement” about the standards of beauty when it comes to Disney princess. She’s simply an art student, trying out new and different techniques and has chosen Disney princesses has her canvas with which to work. So even though she isn’t necessarily trying to prove anything with her work, the final outcome still speaks volumes: These Disney princesses are still gorgeous and fabulous even when they’re not stick-thin.

And still, instead of giving us just brand new, more realistic images of these princesses, TheNamelessDoll has made them into GIFs, which is incredibly impressive as it is. Now we’re actually seeing these reimagined princesses in action in scenes from their movies, and they’re wonderful.

If we hadn’t seen these princesses before with oh-so-tiny waists, we wouldn’t think twice about any of these girls. Looking at TheNameLess doll’s new versions of Belle, Rapunzel, and Anna, they look perfectly fine, healthy, and beautiful to us. Once again, this art just makes us want to wish upon a star for Disney to give us more true-to-life heroines in the future.

In the meantime, though, we’ll keep obsessing over TheNamelessDoll’s work.

(Images via TheNamelessDoll.)