Crystal Ro
June 20, 2016 3:25 pm

**Warning, mild spoilers ahead for Finding Dory.**

If you’ve had the chance to see Finding Dory, then you’ve probably shed a tear or two million while watching it. In fact, you probably cried very early on in the movie from the unbearable cuteness of baby Dory.

I mean, just LOOK AT THIS FACE!!!

The moment she opened her mouth, we basically died.

And things only got more insanely cute when her parents tried to help her remember how to play hide-and-seek…

…which she instantly forgot about in the cutest way possible, of course.

(Hey, that sounds familiar!)

(Finding Nemo reference!)

Anyhoo, we can’t help but love baby Dory, because she is probably the most adorable thing to grace the silver screen EVER.

If you wan to re-live the cute-storm, be sure to check out this adorable clip from Finding Dory.