Leonora Epstein
Updated Mar 25, 2016 @ 1:41 pm
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The year: 1998. The hit show Friends has been on the air for four years. Meanwhile, you, an early internet adopter, are on what your teachers call “the World Wide Web,” which is always accompanied by graphics of spiderwebs and dudes on surfboards. And because you only know a few websites, you head onto warnerbros.com and are eventually led here: The official Friends website.


Cut back to present day. Wow. So, thanks to the wonders of Wayback Machine (an internet archive that allows you to look up old versions of websites), we were able to find this hidden gem from 1998. (We first looked up warnerbros.com which led us to virtuallot.com, and Friends‘ page there, which has a TM Warner Bros. logo at the bottom.) Here’s all the wonderful things you could see…

Quotes from your favorite characters:


Note how Phoebe is “on another planet.” Nice touch, guys.


You could also go behind the scenes and see virtual reality tours of the set, which, let’s be honest, probably worked for no one in 1998.


There was a video page where you could view clips. (This website is surprisingly high-tech.)


There was also an audio page, which still works!


Rounding out the multimedia experience was a photo page


Where you could see such quality images such as this, which you could then use on your own Angelfire website if you so pleased.


There were also episode guides and cast bios, but eventually you’d arrive at this gem: Friends recipes. Garlic-heavy pasta or waffle sundaes? The choice is yours.


Blast from the past, right? Could this BE any more outdated?