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Did you catch The Walking Dead Season 6 premiere last night? Rick and the gang are back for another season of wisecracks, and fun and zany adventures! OK, maybe not. But if Walking Dead were to suddenly take a light-heated approach to killing zombies, we’ve found the perfect opening credits for them.

The Woodcreek Faction has taken the Friend‘s theme song, with the very familiar tune of the Rembrandts’ “I’ll Be There For You” and imagined what the Walking Dead would look like if Daryl woke up one day and was such a Chandler. Suddenly, that “I’ll be there for you” line takes on a whole new meaning when “I’ll be there for you” isn’t just about when the rain falls, but when you find yourself in Terminus with a bunch of cannibals. Will you be there for Rick, too?

It goes without saying that the video is kinda graphic, but you should know that by now with the Walking Dead. Besides, this is the intro to all their characters! Don’t you want to see Michonne behead not one, but two walkers at the start of every episode?

Unfortunately, the cast of The Walking Dead has never played in a fountain before, so we miss out on watching them dance with umbrellas. Everything else about the video is perfect. Check out the Walking Dead/Friends mashup below!

(Image via YouTube)