Jessica Booth
August 13, 2018 11:40 am

If you’re a devoted Friends fan, you probably think you know the series finale by heart. (And if you still haven’t seen it yet, you’ll probably want to stop reading right about now.) The finale tied up pretty much every loose end. Monica and Chandler welcomed twins, Phoebe and Joey got into their usual shenanigans, and Ross and Rachel ended up together. But there is one strange detail about the Friends finale that you’ve definitely never noticed before, and you’re going to want to see it for yourself.

The detail was revealed in a Reddit thread, as so many mind-blowing facts are. The thread, on Reddit’s Friends fan sub-thread “How You Doin,” is titled “WTF is in the oven?” and shows a photo of Joey in his kitchen with the baby chick and the baby duck he bought for Monica and Chandler. In the background, you can clearly see that there is, indeed, something in the oven. What it is, we, uh, can’t say for sure.

The comments are full of suggestions as to what it could be. One user said it might be a rubber chicken, which, knowing Joey, wouldn’t be too surprising. Another user said maybe it was the turkey Monica danced with on her head, which would be a fitting detail for the series finale.

How did we never notice this before?!


Here’s the mysterious item from another angle.


Probably the best guess is that it’s an M&M’s character.

One user wrote, “It is an M & M guy sitting in a recliner holding a remote!” And now that they’ve pointed that out, we can definitely see it. But why is it in there?! That question is one we’ll probably never be able to answer. It does, however, make us miss Friends—and Joey—even more than usual.