Rachel Paige
August 14, 2015 7:13 am

When Will Smith yelled to the cabbie, “yo home, smell you later!” do you think he meant 2015? Because guys, 2015 might be the year we go back to Bel Air.

According to TVLine, Smith and his production company, Overbrook Entertainment, are in the very early stages of bringing something like The Fresh Prince of Bel Air back to TV. While at first it sounded as if it would be a straight reboot of the series, Entertainment Weekly suggests that the revival might, “only share some surface similarities to the classic NBC series in that it could be a fish-out-of-water story.” So, in the same vein as Fresh Prince, and with the same ideas of Fresh Prince, but we might not want to hold our breath for any Calrton dance breaks juuuust yet.

Whatever happens with the new show — let’s just go ahead and call it Fresh Prince 2.0 — Smith will not star in it this time. Instead, his role will be behind the scenes, where he’ll serve as a producer (Jada Pinkett-Smith will reportedly serve as a producer, too!).

Currently, the show is still in very EARLY, EARLY, EARLY stages. There’s nothing more to it right now than the idea of Fresh Prince coming back to TV, but that’s good enough for us. So it’s fine that there’s no solid idea for it yet, or a written script, or signed on actors, or even a network. At the Television Critics Press association tour, NBC president Bob Greenblatt mentioned that NBC would, “be happy to talk to Will [Smith] about it.” OG Fresh Prince ran for six seasons on NBC, before moving to a forever-spot in our hearts. Also next year will mark the 20th anniversary since it left television, sounds like the perfect time for a reboot.

Even though it doesn’t sound like it will be a straight Fresh Prince redux, we can still dance about it a little bit . . . right?

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