Christina Pellegrini
March 11, 2017 9:08 am

Finding cats on the internet is hands down one of our favorite pastimes. Cute cats, grumpy cats, cats in cozy Christmas sweaters—you name one of Snow White’s seven dwarves, and there’s undoubtedly a cat that looks like him.

But recently, a feline went viral on the internet for a more unsettling reason. This cat has human hands, and we are genuinely freaked out.

Twitter user @apricotbelly shared these mysterious photos of a kitty with hands a couple days ago, and they’ve since gone viral.

Here is the scientific anomaly in all its glory (fingers and all).

At the time of publication, this post had been retweeted over 170,000 times, but perhaps Twitter user Sam Gordon sums up how we feel about it best.

An up-close study of those hands is certainly unnerving. They’re definitely people hands, even though we still see hints of cat paws. Even when they get flipped over, they’re people hands.

It’s, well, impaw-ssible to comprehend.

What do you think this cat will do with those hands? Pour itself some milk? Serve itself some Fancy Feast? Attempt to unravel a ball of yarn with those brilliant new opposable thumbs?

The sky is the limit, kitty! Good luck with your strange, wonderful humanoid hands.