Lilian Min
January 14, 2017 9:20 am
David Uzochukwu / Nike

Earlier this week, spooky and innovative musician and dancer FKA twigs became the face of a new Nike campaign and dropped a self-directed video. Along with some new music, the video featured Nike’s new Zonal Strength Training Tights. As part of the video, twigs and her cabal of athletes and dancers asks, “Do you believe in more?”

The zine, which is a continuation of twigs’s campaign with Nike, features contributions from other creatives, including fellow musician Oneohtrix Point Never and 18-year-old David Uzochukwu, who shot many of the campaign’s images.

A preview of the zine on Dazed offers up a multitude of (very branded) collages, largely featuring twigs herself. The vibe is consciously DIY — these look like prints that have been Xeroxed over and over again, much in the way that zines started out.

It’s an interesting marriage of aesthetic and intent. After all, Nike is as far from anti-capitalist zine culture as they come, but in twigs’s vision, Nike is the means to an end.

FKA twigs and Miles Chamley-Watson

In what appears to be an introduction to the zine, twigs writes:

Dance, as dancers will have you know but you can also surmise, is not just about what you do on a stage setting; it’s a lifestyle thing. The same is true of other kinds of athletes, where your body is an engine and a tool, a way to achieve something you can not just see in the mirror, but feel inside. I’m intrigued by twigs’s mission statement, and can’t wait to hear and see what she comes up with next.