Feb 21, 2015 @ 10:18 am
Fiora the Skunk baby

Skunks are not normally thought of as cute and cuddly but Fiora the skunk might change that. Fiora lives with her human, Christopher Choate, who documents all of the adorable things she does around the house. I'm not sure how the little black and white fur baby became the domesticated, and "incredibly spoiled," darling she is now but her videos show a side of skunks most of us don't normally see. Since Fiora had her scent glands removed before living with Christopher she smells like any other house pet and behaves like one too. Here are some of her cutest moments!

Watch Fiora the Skunk devour a mushroom:

Fiora the Skunk plays with a plastic bag:

Fiora the Skunk vs Water Bottle: