Elena Sheppard
June 17, 2016 2:21 pm

Raise your hand if you loved Finding NemoIs that everyone? Great. Well as we bring our brains back to our favorite clownfish, we can’t help but think of us his all too adorable voice.

The actor who voiced Nemo was Alexander Gould, and when he played the part he looked like this:

Giulio Marcocchi/Getty Images

Alexander is now a grown up person, and he looks like this:

Barry King/Getty Images

This whole growing up thing means (among other things) that Alexander’s voice changed and he can no longer play the voice of a kid fish. In short, Disney had to find a new kid to voice Nemo, and they found that voice in 12-year-old Hayden Rolence.

Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Hayden had to do a lot of homework to make sure his Nemo voice sounded similar to Alexander’s. Hayden told People, “I had to watch the original Finding Nemo over and over again and I never got bored of it!”

As for Alexander, he has a brief cameo in Finding Dory as the voice of “Passenger Carl.”

All of this is pretty cool! And from what we can see in the trailer it looks like Hayden totally nailed the Nemo sound. When AM New York asked him if sounding like the original Nemo was hard Hayden said, “Originally, at the beginning, it took a little bit of a long time. Eventually it sort of got a bit easier after I practiced a lot.”

Color us impressed.