Carly Lane
Updated Apr 28, 2015 @ 10:29 am

Did you know that 52% of gamers are women? And did you know that there are games out there still don’t offer female avatars for gameplay? Not cool, gaming world.

The good news is, as of today, Minecraft is no longer one of those woman-less games. The uber-popular game all about building is set to debut a playable female character, “Alex,” on Wednesday. Prior to this, the only default character available to players was “Steve,” the male lead.

In a blog post, Owen Hill, the Chief Word Officer at Mojang (the company that develops and publishes Minecraft), admitted that while Steve is great, they wanted to expand the available character skins to incorporate more diversity. “Jolly old Steve doesn’t really represent the diversity of our playerbase. For that reason, we’re giving all players opportunity to play with an Alex skin instead,” Owen wrote.

The Alex avatar will be available for Playstation and Xbox users beginning April 29th, whereas mobile users playing the Pocket version of Minecraft will be able to start building with Alex beginning in the summer. Just like Steve, she also comes in eight available versions — meaning that you’ll be able to customize her look.

The inclusion of a female playable character in game as popular as Minecraft is a great, welcome, and overdue addition, especially in a game that has fans of all ages playing. Now, go and build to your heart’s content, Alex!

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