When I went to see Mad Max: Fury Road last weekend, I was expecting to see a solid blockbuster with tons of 3D thrills (yes, I shelled out the extra bucks for the glasses, which I HIGHLY rec for this flick). What I wasn’t expecting to see was a feminist-minded action movie in which the patriarchy is taken to task for its toxicity and the small but mighty matriarchy kicks major ass.

It becomes clear VERY early on that, though the movie is named for Tom Hardy’s character, the film belongs to Charlize Theron’s Imperator Furiosa, the true hero of this adventure. It is Furiosa who drives the action of the story, who has the big emotional arc, and, in the end, is responsible for saving the day. With all the awesome feminism happening on screen, an Internet meme celebrating this movie’s lady power was basically inevitable. We receive the Tumblrs we deserve, and we should count ourselves very lucky indeed that we are deserving of the Tumblr “Feminist Mad Max.”

Taking a page from the infamous Ryan Gosling meme, the Tumblr features action stills of Tom Hardy’s Max that all begin with “Hey Girl” but then go on to comment on how Imperator Furiosa is totally the lead of the film. Max is basically a glorified sidekick AND he’s totally cool with that because he is completely in awe of the greatness that is Furiosa. So are we.

Gaze in wonder (and belly laugh hard) at these equal parts kick-ass and hilarious examples from the Feminist Mad Mex Tumblr:

We officially love Mad Max the film AND the feminist meme. Can we have more action movies like this please, Hollywood? Amazing, thank you!!!

Oh, and visit this Tumblr. It’s our new fave.