8 female Avengers we’d like to see more of onscreen

Hold on to your popcorn buckets, true believers. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are back in Avengers: Age of Ultron. You’ve probably already noticed one of the newest members of the team: the ultra powerful Scarlet Witch played by the incredibly talented Elizabeth Olsen. With Joss Whedon (creator of a little show called Buffy the Vampire Slayer) directing the summer blockbuster, we have no doubt that we’re finally going to see superheroines kick some major butt on the silver screen.

But truth is that there isn’t enough love given to the female Avengers in the movies as we’d hoped. Yes, there’s the ever-amazing Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, but she doesn’t always get a love, particularly in the action figure department. There are a whole lot more women in the comic book version of the Avengers. In fact, their female heroes are major powerhouses that can throw down with the deadliest of foes. Here are eight other female Avengers we’d love to see in movies.


Patsy Walker was a small town girl with dreams of becoming a superhero. Her dreams became a reality in Avengers #144 when she donned the Cat costume. Now known as Hellcat, Patsy is trained in hand-to-hand combat and can sense mystical disturbances. In later issues, her demonic husband sends her to the fiery pits of hell, but not even that could declaw this feisty feline. She’s currently based in Manhattan where she frequently teams up with fellow heroines Firestar, Black Cat, Photon, and She-Hulk.

The Wasp

The fashion forward insectoid was a founding member of the Avengers, and has bore witness to all their most defining moments. In fact it was she who came up with the name “Avengers.” Undoubtedly she is the heart of the team and is as iconic as Captain America. We thought she bit the big one in the mega crossover storyline Secret Invasion, but it turned out to be just a dirt nap. You can read up on all her recent adventures in Uncanny Avengers where she is member of the Avengers Unity Squad, a team created to bridge the gap between X-men and Avengers.


Bobbi Morse is a skilled biochemist, SHIELD agent, Avenger and invaluable member of the World Counter-terrorism Agency. She first appeared as a damsel-in-distress (we hate that term) in Astonishing Tales #6 (1971) but later evolved into one kick ass superheroine. If you’re a fan of Agents of S.H.I.E.LD. then you’ve seen what an amazing job Adrianne Palicki has done in portraying her. It’s as though she stepped right out of a comic.

Jessica Jones

Legendary comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis created Jessica Jones in 2001, and she immediately became a fan favorite. And with good reason. Once known as the superheroine Jewel, Jessica Jones has triumphed over insurmountable hardships, ranging from being brainwashed by the despicable Purple Man to having her baby abducted. We cannot wait to see Krysten Ritter bring her to life in the Netflix series A.K.A. Jessica Jones (due out this fall), but can you blame us for hoping she might get some screen time in movie theaters, too?


No, she’s not Spider-Man’s cousin or sister. In fact, she has no relation to the web-head at all. Good! Because Jessica Drew is no mere rip-off of a male superhero. Equipped with a venom blast, she was a founding member of the new Avengers team following the events of Disassembled, and played a pivotal role in Secret Invasion (we won’t spoil it). Now that Sony and Marvel have reached an agreement regarding the film rights to Spider-Man, and with the web-crawler appearing in the official Marvel Cinematic Universe, hopefully it’s only a matter of time before Jessica Drew’s big screen debut.


Okay, so technically she is the Hulk’s cousin, receiving her powers via a blood transfusion with him. But if you think she’s just a female clone of the Hulk, you’re sorely mistaken. She-Hulk has a law degree and has represented everyone in the Marvel Universe, ranging from Captain America to Charles Xavier. She’s also held membership with the Fantastic Four, Heroes for Hire, and Lady Liberators. Who are the Lady Liberators you ask? Oh you know just an all-star female team created in the 1970s during Second Wave feminism. No big deal.


We’re a little unsure if the new Thor is currently an Avenger but in the recent storyline Rage of Ultron, which is in continuity, she is seen holding Avengers membership. Regardless, she deserves to be on this list because she has brought the issue of female representation in comics to the forefront. Who is she? We still don’t know. How did she become Thor? We have yet to find out. A lot of mystery surrounds the Goddess of Thunder, but one thing is clear: her monthly comic book is selling better than male Thor’s. In just a few short months she’s redefined what it means to wield mjolnir to a whole new generation of fangirls.

Captain Marvel

There’s no sugar coating Carol Danvers’ history. It’s one of tragedy and heartbreak. She’s been impregnated against her will, had her powers stolen, and betrayed by those she trusts. But you know what? She packs a mean punch. No one can bring this powerhouse down. There’s good news here: a Captain Marvel movie is slotted for release in 2018. We can’t wait to see a female superhero finally be at the helm of her own franchise. C’mon Marvel, announce who’s going to play her already!

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