Lilian Min
Updated Mar 17, 2017 @ 9:27 pm
feist pleasure
Credit: Universal Music Canada

It’s always cool when a musician makes a big change to their sound. After all, stagnation is the enemy of artistic progress. So when we heard Canadian singer-songwriter Feist’s new song “Pleasure,” we had an instant reaction.

“Pleasure,” the first single off of her album of the same name, is a bold new sound for Feist.

Many of her most famous songs lean heavily on the acoustic side. But “Pleasure” is a rip of electric feeling. Though the song has a stark opening, it quickly devolves (in a good way) into something more loose. There are hand claps! The gnarly bass lines! The way her voice, normally so round at the edges, takes on grit!

We can’t lie, a large part of our excitement has to do with Feist’s relative absence from the music scene. Her last album, the excellent Metals, dropped in 2011. (For the record, this is a larger absence than even the notoriously absent Frank Ocean.) And she’s only just returning to the live music circuit.

For those of us who are deep into the indie scene, we know Feist not just as her own solo artist. She’s also a member of the Canadian indie collective Broken Social Scene. And joyous joy, they’ve got new music coming out in 2017 as well.