Alim Kheraj
Updated January 15, 2017 10:36 pm
Gale Adler/ABC via Getty Images

We wouldn’t hang up your stethoscope anytime soon, as it seems there are NO plans to end Grey’s Anatomy anytime soon.

Given that Grey’s is now in its 13th season, it’s now one of the longest running shows on TV. Despite it’s age, however, it’s still incredibly popular, and we totally get why. We’ve become so attached to the characters on the show (even when showrunning Shonda Rhimes decides to KILL THEM ALL OFF) so much that they practically feel like family. And, like a family, we’ve been through a lot together. We’ve seen car crashes, plane crashes (whelp), shootings (double whelp), tumors, Alzheimer’s, drownings, and more death than we even thought possible. However, we’ve also seen love blossom, families grow, and careers expanded. It’s been a wild and unpredictable ride, and we still love it.

However, given how long Grey’s Anatomy has been running, we often worry that the show might be cancelled.

Yet, according to ABC Chief Channing Dungey, it’s unlikely that we’ll be saying goodbye to our favorite dysfunctional doctors anytime soon.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Dungey said that she thought that there would be many more seasons of the beloved medical drama so that it could match (or beat) E.R.

Tbh, this is the best news we’ve heard in AGES. Of course, we’d love Grey’s to continue for ever and ever.

According to EW, Grey’s Anatomy is still on the fourth most watched entertainment show, which is pretty impressive given it’s been running for 13 seasons. But what is it’s secret to success?

It seems fitting that Mer and Alex have become close, especially given that Izzie, Christina, AND Derek have all either died or left the show (although we seriously hope that Christina might return one day). And, given Alex’s complicated storyline at the moment, it’s nice to see the pair supporting each other.

Unfortunately, we have a slightly longer wait for Grey’s Anatomy to return to our screens (but only by seven days. The show, along with the rest of Shonda Rhimes’ T.G.I.T. lineup will return on January 26th on ABC.