Rio 2016 Olympics, U.S.A. vs New Zealand, women's soccer
Credit: Aaron Ontiveroz/The Denver Post via Getty Images

The Rio Olympics have provided us with some fabulous girl-power moments. From Katie Ledecky’s historic win to the 46-game streak of the U.S. Women’s Basketball team, female athletes continue to dominate the headlines (and our hearts) with their fierceness.

Some female athletes did not fare so well, however. The U.S Women’s Soccer Team lost to Sweden on Friday due to a missed penalty kick by Christen Press. Fans took to Twitter to highlight their disappointment, but one fan started this adorable trend after noticing Press’s love of dogs.

More tweets from fans and the teammates themselves emerged posing with their pups to show some love and support for the ladies after their disappointing loss with the #DogsForChristen hashtag. false

Now that oughta make anyone smile.