Leighton Meester and Adam Brody went public with their relationship in early 2013 before announcing in their engagement last November, so we all knew a wedding was coming. Well, get out your Gossip Girl and The OC crossover fanfic, because it’s all happening! According to multiple sources, the actors had a “super secret” wedding sometime around Valentine’s Day and are now officially husband and wife!

The rumours were seemingly confirmed when a fan posted a photo on Facebook that she took with Brody at the airport, in which he appeared to be wearing a wedding ring. YESSSSSS!

Little is known about the actual ceremony: where it took place, when, who was there, etc. However, this whole thing is out of a lot of our teen fantasies, and I think it’s great that Leighton and Adam found each other. They’re both low key and don’t really turn up in the tabloids, so this could be – and we hope it will be – a lasting union! HURRAH!