No, Facebook hasn’t added the dislike button yet. (Everyone who has a Facebook knows that the constant plea of the Facebook Masses is for a dislike button. It would be the ultimate upgrade. Tears would be shed, fights would break out — the world might possibly end.) But…they’re adding something even better. Photo collages and live video, my friends.

It’s safe to say we are the generation of photo taking. (Go to any concert and anyone under the age of 30 is probably watching the performance through their phones.) We are the generation of snap-chatting our silly faces and Instagramming our tasty dinners. But, despite the popularity of these apps, Facebook by and large is the most popular of social media sites, with over 71% of adults having Facebook accounts. And to maintain that position of top dog, Facebook is expanding their media sharing capabilities.

Live Video: This is currently a function only offered to celebrities. But soon, this will be an option for everyone. Think Periscope, or Meerkat. You’ll get to live stream immediately, and there will even be a text box to place below the live stream where you can explain what’s happening (or you can just fill it with emojis, you do you!) Those watching can comment, plus you’ll be able to see how many people are watching at a time And the best part is that it will save the video to your timeline if you want to. You also can totally delete it if it was a bad decision to make in the first place. And if it was any good, your friends can choose to subscribe to you and get alerts for the next time you go live! This option is currently only available to a couple of iOS users.

Photo Collages: Many of you might be picturing a semi-updated version of the Layout App that already exists on Facebook. However, this is something completely new and totally better. Refinery29 explains what we can expect: “Facebook’s collage feature is dynamic, scrolling and rearranging photos as you check out the collage. The Facebook app will automatically organize recent moments from your camera roll into a collage-ready collection when you tap Photo in the app. But you can then add, remove, or rearrange the order of photos yourself, and include a title before sharing.”

The best part? iPhone users have access to collage functionality as of today, (with android users getting in on the action next year.) With these new awesome and fun functionality roll-outs, I don’t think that Facebook needs to worry about losing first place as top-social-media-dog any time soon!

(Image via Shutterstock)