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In a solid move by a seemingly pretty legit ally, Ewan McGregor canceled an interview with Piers Morgan due to the latter’s insanely ignorant — and attention-grabbing, of course — comments about the Women’s March on Saturday.

Morgan, who supports Donald Trump (he won Celebrity Apprentice in 2008) and enjoys significant media attention from posting inflammatory and condescending statements about women, people of color, liberals, and so on and so forth both on Twitter and in his Daily Mail column, wrote on Saturday morning — before the stateside protests even began, mind you — that he would be organizing a men’s march in retaliation. (We won’t be linking to Morgan’s hateful, harmful Daily Mail columns, but of course, they are all easy to find on Google.)

He has since spent the past three days defending his words, eventually writing more of them in column-form to condemn Madonna for being a “radical, extreme feminist” who “let down ladies everywhere” with her “vile, crude, man-hating, violent, nasty side.” (Confusingly, he seems to go back on what he initially said on Twitter by claiming he himself is a feminist — but only a very certain brand of feminism, and not the one that includes real women actually talking.)

He’s also been very active on Twitter, belittling those who tweet at him to defend the March and/or Madonna — which is why we’re so, so glad that McGregor pulled out of ITV’s Good Morning Britain today once he heard that Morgan would be the host.

Morgan’s response, of course was to belittle McGregor for having an opinion while being an actor — despite the fact that Morgan himself is a television personality and former reality show judge.

He continued with this on the show itself, saying “Sorry that Ewan McGregor’s not here. He couldn’t bear the thought of being on the sofa with me because he doesn’t agree with me about the Women’s March… I have to agree with what an actor thinks about a particular issue because they’re actors. And as we know actors’ views are more important than anybody else’s.”

And since our response is always “when they go low, we go high,” we’re choosing to celebrate McGregor, for choosing conscience over career.

McGregor was appearing on Good Morning Britain to promote T2 Trainspotting, which will hit U.K. theaters this weekend and undoubtedly could use the national attention. By boycotting Morgan, McGregor sent a very strong message — one of solidarity with women and of protest of Morgan’s brand of patronizing patriarchy. One actor saying “no” to a TV show won’t change the world, but if enough join McGregor in protest of Morgan, it could put him off of our television screens for good.

Of course, while Morgan has been tweeting obsessively about McGregor’s snub for hours — he just wrote a response column, but really, who has the time?! — McGregor has kept silent, as he’s presumably off living his life, enjoying the solid reviews for T2, and spending time with his beautiful family. And while he does so, Twitter has his back.

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You’re awesome, Ewan. Maybe we’ll reconsider the Star Wars prequel trilogy now that we know you have our backs.

(Jokes, jokes. Sorry bud.)