With Halloween on its way, it only makes sense that people have horror movies on the brain —and there are SO many to choose from. There’s Friday the 13th, Scream, Psycho —the options are completely and utterly endless. But what happens when one of your favorite non-horror, Disney movies BECOMES a horror movie?

Through the eyes of BloodBlitz Comedy, this unfathomable question is answered. In their scary version of Frozen, normally pretty pleasant and all-around compassionate Queen Elsa joins the dark side. As for Princess Anna? She unfortunately pays the price. BWAHAHAHA.

The trailer for this reimagined movie starts out with some music that will give you the chills (before Elsa literally gives them to you). Then, we’re taken to the scene of Elsa’s first crime, to the moment where Anna attempts to interrupt her beauty sleep. Bad call. Elsa angrily pushes Anna off the bed and the camera zooms in on her devilish grin. This dastardly moment is followed by the words “A demented child…” (Uh-oh.)

We’re then taken on a journey that we never expected we’d see. Elsa attacks Anna with her powers, kills her parents, and murders – we really hate to say it – Olaf. And she does it all with an evil laugh that will haunt your Disney dreams. Also — you know the song Let It Go? Yeah… after you hear it sung in a child’s creepy voice, it’s not quite the same. As we watch in fear, we realize that Hans is no longer the source of our worries. Instead, Elsa has taken his place as she terrorizes Arendelle and quickly earns her place in the rank of Disney villains. We thought there was only one Evil Queen, but after you watch this Disney remake, you’ll realize that there’s two.

While we don’t want to give away the ending, we just want to say that things are not looking good for Princess Anna. In fact, Arendelle’s going to have to do some damage control ASAP. To conclude the terrifying tale we never thought would be told, the title of this fearsome movie is announced at the end of the trailer: Frozen: The Attack of the Ice Queen. Okay, now we’re scared. Can you imagine if this was a full-length movie?!

This could easily destroy some Disney memories, so watch at your own risk.

[Images via YouTube]