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Oh, yes. We have come to lessons from Rubeus Hagris, keeper of keys and grounds at Hogwarts! When I was first reading the Harry Potter series, obviously I had a lot of feelings about who may or may not make it to the end. I was not prepared to lose anyone that I had to lose—namely Dobby and Fred—but I really meant that I would stop reading if I lost Hagrid. It would have been too cruel, and I am forever indebted to J.K. Rowling for letting us keep this quite literal gentle giant. Harry Potter month continues with the greatest.

EINTKILF Rubeus Hagrid

1. Secrets don’t make friends.
From the minute we meet Hagrid basically, he is full of secrets. Secrets that he has an impossible time keeping. Tricksy little 11-year-olds get Hagrid to give them way more information than is necessary, considering some of them literally just learned they were wizards. No harm, no foul though, right? Everything Hagrid divulges to The Trio ends up being really useful information. Yeah, he’s an authority figure, but his relationship with Harry, Ron, and Hermione is more important in the end.

2. All creatures are equal.
I mean, when I say “Hagrid,” you say, “lover of dragons,” right? Hagrid is the most bleeding heart sweetie in the book series. Hagrid thinks spiders are misrepresented. There is a reason Hagrid is the king of the Forbidden Forest. He treats all humans, animals, creatures, and insects with the utmost respect. If anyone could love a baby dragon or a giant, super rude spider with all of his heart, it would be Hagrid.

3. Be proud of who you are.
Hagrid does not have an easy time admitting his giant status, understandably so. Not only are giants not super socially acceptable in the wizarding world, but Hagrid’s mother was a giant, and she basically bailed on his family. Hagrid discusses how heartbroken his father was when his mom left, and though he is relatively cold about his mom, you can tell it hurts him. The giant issue comes up numerous times throughout the book series, and it is always heartbroken. The people who loved Hagrid loved him regardless of the reputation he assumed he would have if people knew the truth. Be loud and proud, everybody.

4. Create your own family.
As aforementioned, Hagrid was not close with his mother (who he eventually discovers had passed away). Hagrid’s dad passed away during his second year at Hogwarts, and Albus Dumbledore stepped in to make sure Hagrid was well taken care of—and remained by his side until his own passing. Hagrid sought out a family in Dumbledore, in Hogwarts, and of course, in Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

5. Trust your elders.

“Great man, Dumbledore. ‘S long as we’ve got him, I’m not too worried.”

Of course Hagrid trusted and loved Dumbledore, arguably more than anyone else in the series. Hagrid, from the very beginning, would jump down the throat of anyone who had anything negative to say about Albus Dumbledore. Because he’s the BEST.

6. Even noble wizards get in trouble.
Obviously, Hagrid had his issues. Hagrid was expelled from Hogwarts, kinda, after the whole Chamber of Secrets situation (the first time). During his third year, Hagrid was accused of opening the Chamber and attacking students with his pet acromantula. Of course, Tom Riddle had framed the innocent man, which Dumbledore must have known. Hagrid’s wand was snapped, he was expelled, but he was allowed to live on school grounds and act as the groundskeeper. (Thanks Dumbly.) I think it’s pretty crazy that that punishment stuck, but whatever! The point is, good people get framed, and even the most honest wizards can get in trouble sometimes.

7. Teaching is about passion.
So even though he never actually finished his time at Hogwarts (who did, really?), Hagrid was given a teaching position as the Care of Magical Creatures professor. Obviously not everyone loved this (ahem MALFOY) but the Gryffindors did because the Gryffindors know that teaching is about passion, not about qualifications. Is that a terrible lesson?? Maybe, but I know plenty of people who are better teachers than the trained professionals. I’d be obsessed with a professor like Hagrid, though I would openly despise his book choice.

8. You can handle anything.

Are you crying? You should probably be crying. I’d get that quote tattooed on my body if it wasn’t so lengthy.

9. Take care of your people.
Hagrid is the person who brings Harry to the Dursleys house, and he is the person who picks him back up at the stroke of midnight on his 11th birthday. Hagrid is the one who watches over Harry throughout his schooling years. Hagrid is the one who bakes Harry his first birthday cake, who gives him a photo album to keep him company, who makes sure he is OK every single summer they are apart. Most importantly, Hagrid is the person who carries Harry’s limp and supposedly lifeless body out of the Forest after he believes Voldemort has finally won the battle. There is literally nothing that Hagrid will not do for Harry–and vice versa.

Hagrid takes care of Harry–and Ron, and Hermione, and the Order, and his brother, and Dumbledore, and his creatures–because Hagrid is the keeper. He just is. Keep your people close to you. That’s the right thing to do.

Hagrid, we just love you.

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