Rachel Paige
Updated March 11, 2016
Disney Channel

Brink. So Weird. Toy Story. The Princess Diaries. The year 2001. What do all these things have in common? Erik von Detten.

Disney Channel

He was absolutely perfect crush worthy material in the late 1990s and early 2000s. He had the hair. He was funny. He had the very 2002 desirable skater/surfer boy vibe, and wore those white shell choker necklaces that were all the rage. You watched him on TV, and in the movies, and admit it, you would have snuck away with him to that shack by the beach, just like Princess Mia did once, and it’s still a shame her foot didn’t pop.


But like all teenage heartthrobs, his star could not burn bright forever. According to his IMDB, his last known movie role was a 2005 indie film, his last appearance on TV was on Bones in 2008, and the last time he popped up anywhere was in Toy Story 3, once again reprising his role was as jerk-next-door, Sid. That was 2010. The year is 2016. Where the heck is Erik von Detten?

A quick google search will turn up nothing, because trust me, we looked. But, we here at HelloGiggles will not rest until we’ve uncovered our long-lost teenage love, and after many more hours googling (seriously, hours) YOU GUYS, we found him again.

So drumroll, please, because what does Erik von Detten look like in the year 2016? Rest easy, because he looks exactly the same. He’s got some sort of Paul Rudd voodoo going on here.