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Sadly, harassment, whether it’s in person or online, seems to be more and more prevalent lately. Even though not everyone talks about being a victim of it, chances are, they can relate when someone else does. Emmy Rossum spoke out about online threats she’s receiving, reported USA Today. On November 24th, the Shameless actress appeared on Chelsea, the Netflix show starring none other than Chelsea Handler. When talking about the digital harassment Rossum’s been dealing with lately, she was the definition of grace.

ICYMI, on election night, Rossum posted a tweet that has generated some hate tweets in response. On Chelsea, Handler showed the tweet to the audience.

Although many people liked the tweet, others didn’t and began harassing Rossum.

“I think it’s important, the whole idea, ‘If you see something, say something,’” Rossum said on Chelsea. “Be safe. Stick up for yourself. Stick up for others… There’s a need to come together.”

You can’t see us, but we’re giving Rossum a standing ovation rn.

Here was one of Rossum’s tweets in response to all the hate tweets she started receiving.

Sad, amirite?!

And here’s another example of a tweet Rossum received.


One thing Rossum’s been doing in response is encouraging people to #exposehate.

Of course, Handler’s not a fan of hate, either. Here’s some advice from her for the twitterverse — and everyone.

Yup. Agreed!

And Rossum also retweeted a tweet of Yoko Ono’s.

Can’t we all just hug it out and stop all the hate, online and off?

Meanwhile, if you want to watch Rossum on Chelsea for yourself, check out this clip.

Need some more inspo? Here’s another thing Rossum said on Chelsea that we loved.

“I think hate on either side of the aisle — it’s not about who you voted for or what you believe — it’s about common decency. It’s about decorum. It’s about correctness. It’s about kindness. And I think it’s so important right now to come together in that way and that applies to being a woman, it applies to being Muslim, it applies to being a Jew, it applies to being Hispanic, it applies to being disabled, it applies to being LGBT, it applies to so many different things,” she said. “We really need to work harder and do better.”

We definitely hear that.