Jill Layton
March 16, 2017 12:33 pm

We love a happy ending just as much as the next Disney-obsessed fan. But we’re often left wondering what happens AFTER the happy ending. Like, are things just happy forever?

As Beauty and the Beast star Emma Watson played with adorable kittens, she answered some fan questions sent in to BuzzFeed. And one of those questions had her theorizing as to what happens to Belle after she marries Beast. So… of course now we’re obsessed with her answer, because it totally makes sense.

BuzzFeed community member DodoBird sent in the question, “What do you think happens after Belle and the Beast’s wedding?” Watson answered,

Yup. That’s exactly what Belle would do.

If there’s ever a Beauty and the Beast sequel, maybe Watson should be the one to write it — or at least offer consultation on plot points.

And speaking of books, another fan asked if Belle and Hermione have anything in common, and as it turns out, they definitely do. They might even be soul sisters.

Check out the video and try not to be distracted by the ridiculously adorable kittens. Actually, you should definitely let yourself be distracted.

Watson has such a beautiful way with words. Can she just star in all the Disney movies from now on? Beauty and the Beast hits theaters on FRIDAY!!!