Shaunna Murphy
Updated Mar 01, 2017 @ 10:34 am

The mystery has been solved. We finally know why Emma Watson was giving advice on an iPad for $2, and thanks to the folks at Vanity Fair, we can watch what she had to say.

Watson, who is Vanity Fair‘s latest cover girl, filmed the segment for writer Derek Blasberg’s series “Derek Does Stuff with a Friend.” Blasberg hit Grand Central Terminal with a makeshift portable stand and Watson linked via his iPad, with all $2 donations going to Planned Parenthood — Watson’s choice, of course.

The segment was filmed on Valentine’s Day — and we mortals are always worrying about our love lives in some way or another — so a lot of Watson’s advice revolved around relationships. She told one man to buy his girlfriend jewelry “and feed her cheese,” and another, who was separated from his wife for the day, that “nothing beats a bunch of flowers.”

“You can get anemones, or peonies,” Watson said with a smile. “Send her pink peonies!”

To a younger boy asking how to be a good boyfriend (dawwww), Watson said “be kind in any way that you can…and dance with her.” To a woman struggling to find a partner, Watson suggested following one’s dreams.

“Follow your dreams, and as a side note, when you’re not even thinking about it or noticing it, he’ll just be there, because you love the same things,” Watson said.

Not all of Watson’s advice dealt with matters of the heart, though. Watson also got to give her two cents on what to do with a free day in New York City (“you should definitely go and take a walk around Central Park”) and, best of all, what to consume to fight a hangover (“an English breakfast: sausages; baked beans”).

This was an adorable idea that gave us a fun peek into the mysterious, Ivy League-educated mind of Emma Watson, and we’re totally on board. Just, you know, we also kind of wish we’d been there that day to ask Watson to pick our Tinder photos.