Rachel Paige
Updated Jan 15, 2015 @ 11:39 am

There are endless reasons to love Emma Stone. She’s an amazingly diverse actress capable of anchoring indies and superhero movies alike, she’s celestial-levels of gorgeous, she’s devoted to passing the attention tossed her way on to needy causes, and she can lip sync like absolutely nobody’s business. Today her post-nomination Oscar statement highlighted yet another reason we adore her: she is always herself, and herself is so rad.

We all had our fingers crossed that Emma would snag a nomination for her outstanding work in Birdman, and all our wishing and hoping came true: she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress. Reason to celebrate? MOST CERTAINLY.

It’s common for nominees to release a little statement following their nomination, telling us how deeply thankful they are, how humbled, etc. etc. Usually the statements are subdued and polite and charmingly professional, while we’re all sitting at home thinking: “if I were nominated for an Oscar I’d be FREAKING OUT.” Well, Emma issued a statement a little more in line with how we feel on the inside.

Her statement comes to us in written form, since she’s currently resting her voice for her Cabaret performance tonight (which she’s starring in, FYI). Imagine Emma saying the following sentences with so much enthusiasm in her voice and a twinkle in her big eyes. Here’s her statement:

Yes, Emma, when you receive an Oscar nomination you are allowed to be as excited as you want, and we won’t even make you put 75 cents in the swear jar for all those f-bombs. Your candor just makes us love you even more. Congrats girl!

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