Alim Kheraj
November 21, 2016 3:04 am
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

There seems to be no end to Emma Stone’s talents. Not only is she an incredible actor, but now we know that Emma Stone would TOTALLY win in a dance off, too.

Dropping by The Ellen Degeneres show to promote her new movie with Ryan Gosling, La La Land, the star proved that not only does she know how to act, bake yummy dog biscuits, and sing her heart out, but she also has a knack for remembering dance moves.

Ellen decided to test Emma’s dancing ability due to La La Land‘s musical numbers and we have to say she totally SLAYED it.

First of all, Emma is tasked with tap dancing, which she manages to do with ease (even though she’s wearing some rather high heels). Facing off against Ellen, who also gives the challenge her best effort to varying degrees of success, Emma also showcases her Beyoncé moves, her twerking, and the stanky leg. It’s incredible.

Things don’t run too smoothly, however, as a minor copy editing error asking Emma Stone to do “The Spinkler” rather than “The Sprinkler” leaves her completely stuck. In fact, it’s not clear if there were actually any rules to the game they’re playing. Regardless, we just love seeing Emma shake her thing. We’re not sure that we’d be able to remember all those dance moves on the spot like that.

Paying homage to the musicals of the golden age of Hollywood, La La Land is already getting loads of Oscar buzz.

The film, which is released on December 9th, really showcases what amazing talents both Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are, and we literally cannot wait until we get to see it!