Sundi Rose
Updated Jan 28, 2017 @ 12:21 pm
"La La Land" Gala Screening - VIP Arrivals
Credit: Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling have been everywhere lately. With a million nominations for their movie La La Land, and a grueling press tour, they’ve had to spend a lot of time together! Having so much face time with another human can offer some major insight into who they are, and it looks like Emma Stone has Ryan Gosling’s number.

In this “Fishing For Answers” segment from The Hollywood Reporter, Emma draws from a bowl and answers the questions on the slip. The first slip she pulls is a request for a Ryan Gosling impression, and in true Emma Stone-style, she nails it with simplicity and poise.

To the naked eye, it may look like a blank stare and frozen expression, but if you look a little closer, you can totally see the resemblance to Gosling. Emma knows when less is more, and her impression was a perfect example of this.


We learned a few other things about Emma in this round of questions, as well. For one, we learned a little about her first entertainment job in which she sang a cover of “Bitch.”

Also, in case you need to know, Emma Stone likes her pizza like she likes her Gosling impressions: simple and straight forward. She’s strictly a cheese (and more cheese) kinda lady, and essentially she is all of us.

Her first concert, by the way, was the Dixie Chicks, which she claims “shows my age.”

We think that’s a pretty solid choice for her first show, and we fully support her musical decisions.

We can put her many talents, including Gosling impressions, on the list of reasons we love this woman. She’s kind of awesome at everything.