Emma Roberts and Nat Wolff have been friends for a long time. If you can think back to the mid-200s, they were both on Nickelodeon shows, way before she ever went off to star in American Horror Story (and now, Scream Queens) and he stole our hearts in Paper Towns. Recently the two friends shot a movie together, where they actually played love interests. According to Roberts, she was not a fan of this.

Stopping by The Late Late Show with James Corden, Roberts dishes on her friendship with Wolff, and how at one point she used to tower over him, height wise (puberty!). Now, he’s like “literally two feet taller” than her, and she never expected that one day they’d be required to KISS in their new film Ashby. While it’s all acting, of course, and the two are still good friends, kissing Wolff was odd.

Not so much because of the kiss, but because — and this is totally how Roberts explains it — Wolff was kinda sweaty during their kiss. Blame it on the fact that they were down in South Carolina shooting during the summer. Roberts is totally against face sweat, as Corden then dubs it a “sweat-stache.” That’s what Wolff was rocking, and Roberts needed to clean him up before they went in for the big kiss. Wolff, for the record, has stated that sweat was an issue in their on-screen make-out sesh, too.

Check out the whole interview below, complete with sweat jokes from Kristen Schaal!

(Images via Zero Media)