Elizabeth Entenman
Updated May 23, 2016 8:11 am
Instagram/Emilia Clarke

We are so, so excited to see Me Before You when it hits theaters next week. One, because we can’t wait to see one of our favorite books come to life. But two, because of the incredible chemistry between Emilia Clarke and Sam Clafin.

From what we’ve seen in the movie trailers, the two actors are perfect for the roles of Will and Louisa. They clearly have a LOT of love for each other, both on and off screen. In the last few months they’ve posted some seriously adorable Instagram pics, and we’re convinced that they’re soul mates.

Here they are being silly during a Me Before You press junket.

We have no idea what’s happening here, but we love it.

From the caption on this photo, it sounds like the two pulled a lot of pranks on set.

Sam took this pic of Emilia on their first day of filming and posted it with the sweetest caption ever.

And here they are, looking adorable in the sunshine on set.

We won’t be seeing these two together together IRL, because Sam is married to actress Laura Haddock. Earlier this year they welcomed their first child together! Still, you can ogle over Sam and Emilia’s adorableness in Me Before You when it hits theaters next week.

And if you need to watch more of Emilia and Sam in action, here’s a new clip from Me Before You: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=