Credit: Getty Images/Karwai Tang

Emilia Clarke has been promoting her new movie Me Before You this week, and along the way, she revealed she pulled a pretty big prank on her co-star Sam Claflin. How exactly did she temporarily destroy Claflin’s life? By putting fish in his socks, duh.

She told E! News, “I put fish in his socks, but that was just one of them, the fish that we had for lunch.”

But it was only because HE pranked HER, and she had to get him back. “I had limited resources. He had just pranked me and I was like, ‘I’ve got 20 minutes until the end of the day so I have to get this done,'” Clarke

Credit: HBO/Giphy

This isn’t Clarke’s first time pranking her co-workers. Girl has some tricks up her sleeve, and we wouldn’t expect anything less from the woman who plays Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons. On the Game of Thrones set, Clarke drew on Joseph Naufahu’s (Khal Moro) face, writing “Qoy Qoyi,” which means “blood of my blood” in Dothraki. LOL.

She also smeared dessert all over him while she was at it. While this isn’t AS nefarious as fish in socks, it definitely wins some major prankster points.