Crystal Ro
September 06, 2016 12:08 pm
Jamie McCarthy / Getty

If you’re Emilia Clarke, and you’re the mother of dragons, then everyone should quake with fear in your presence, yes? Like, ~no one~ can force you to do anything.

Damn straight.

Well, in real life, Emilia is a ~little~ more flexible than her Game of Thrones alter ego, and she was “forced” to wear something she apparently didn’t really want to…

…her glasses.

But DUH Emilia looked insanely cute, and more importantly “absurdly happy” as she put it herself. While attending a party with some friends, Emilia looked casually adorable and kind of business-chic, which we are LOVING.

And for many of us out here who also wear glasses (sometimes on a daily basis!), this candid photo makes our favorite Game of Thrones Khaleesi just that much more relatable. Because anyone and everyone can be “absurdly happy” in their spectacled styles, too!

Emilia continues to prove that she can rock any look.

From the silliest…

…to the muddiest.

We’re here for it all, Emilia! And we can’t wait to watch you kick some serious Westerosi-ass in Season 7 of Game of Thrones. Now if summer of 2017 could just get here…