Shaunna Murphy
December 23, 2016 3:27 pm
Instagram/Emilia Clarke

Feeling a bit low now that the days are shorter, the nights are long, Game of Thrones is on hiatus, and the entire world is on fire? Don’t worry, fam: Emilia Clarke’s whimsical, adorable, intimate, and occasionally irreverent Instagram account is here to remind you that life can be full of helicopter rides and hangout sessions with SpongeBob SquarePants.

Though we obviously know that Instagram-induced FOMO can be very depressing, and that no one’s life is perfect even if it looks that way on social media, it’s fun to look at Clarke’s account and see someone who is so clearly willing to experience joy.

What’s fun about Clarke’s page is that it never seems overly polished or put-on — sure, she includes some glamour shots when she attends events, and gorgeous selfies when she’s all done up, but mostly her account is perfectly curated to show off the life of a 30-year-old woman who is having a freaking blast.

Like, come on — who else in the Game of Thrones cast is providing intimate, BTS shots of Tyrion, Dany, and Lord Varys hanging out at a soccer game?

Or of multiple girls’ nights with Queen Cersei herself, Lena Headey?

The one time she “failed” this year was when even she couldn’t get Kit Harington to smile, but that’s okay.

He sort of looks like he’s trying in this one, though no one’s smile is ever as bright as Emilia’s.

She even knows we ship Grey Worm and Missandei, and loves to give the public what we want.

Her best Instas as of late, of course, have been on the set of Season 7 of GoT, complaining about the frigid weather in Belfast in her Daenerys wig.

Though her on-set hangout with SpongeBob and Dora was pretty stellar, too.

When Emilia booked a major role in the upcoming Han Solo spinoff and was thrilled, we couldn’t help but be thrilled with her. Because she’s dancing with a stormtrooper!

Emilia on hiatus is pretty classic, too.

And so is Emilia when she finds out she and her girls have all been nominated for Emmy awards.

If it wasn’t for Emilia, we’d never have known that Dothraki can spit rhymes.

Or that Sam Claflin from the Hunger Games movies is a total goofball.

Do you remember the time she posted a Mother’s Day post for her dragons?!

It’s all just too much wacky adorableness to handle from one, very likable actress.

Emilia even posted her New Year’s resolutions to the ‘gram at the end of 2016, because — as you should have learned this far into this post — the girl likes to keep her beloved fandom in the loop.

Thank you for making our year — on Instagram, anyway — totally worthwhile, Emilia. We can’t wait to see you goof off (and hopefully, ride a snowmobile) next year!