Brittany Malooly
Updated May 24, 2016 @ 10:52 am
Credit: Getty Images/Paul Zimmerman

Earlier this year, Emilia Clarke made it clear that she wanted to see more male nudity on Game of Thrones to balance the scales — the movement was dubbed #FreeTheP. She got her wish during this past Sunday’s episode, and guess what? She’s STOKED.

During a recent interview with Stephen Colbert, Emilia said, “I mean, I did it. Why can’t the boys do it? I think they heard me! Junk equality!”

She also talked more about why she decided to go nude again after several seasons of opting out.

“I did it before in season one, and people like to talk about it. I just wanted to come out and do an empowered scene which wasn’t sexual. It was naked, but it was strong.” Yasssss!

The peen we saw this past Sunday was, yes, up-close-and-personal (who didn’t have a, “wait what?” moment when it first appeared), but it was that of a lesser character and also not sexual, so we’re not totally there yet. We’re getting closer.

Emilia has argued in the past, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, that the show isn’t inherently sexist in its portrayal of women. She said:

That’s what’s beautiful about Game of Thrones — its depiction of women in so many different stages of development. There are women depicted as sexual tools, women who have zero rights, women who are queens but only to a man, and then there are women who are literally unstoppable and as powerful as you can possibly imagine.”

Continue to slay, Khaleesi.

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