Kathryn Lindsay
April 05, 2016 9:49 am
Steven Pan/Glamour

When we think of Game of Thrones, three things come to mind: Jon Snow, dragons, and nudity. The show is pretty graphic, both with violence and with sex scenes. And in the most recent issue of Glamour, Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys, addressed the criticism that the nudity on the show is disproportionate between male and female characters.

“No, I don’t know why,” the actress says in response to the question about why we don’t see much male nudity. However, she reminded us it’s not all one-sided. “I’d like to bring your memory back to Mr. Michiel Huisman [Khaleesi’s love interest in seasons four and five] and I copulating for the first time,” she continued. “Which began with me saying, ‘Take off your clothes,’ and then you got to see his perfect bottom.”


However, even if Emilia Clarke is naked more than other actors in the show, that doesn’t mean she’s lost her agency. In fact, she knows Daenerys is a powerful, inspiring women. “This gorgeous girl once said to me, ‘Watching Khaleesi makes me feel like I can be a strong woman,'” Emilia recounted. “I remember being like, ‘That’s proper.’ That is a wonderful thing.”

While nudity on the show is definitely important to discuss, there’s another question we’re even more eager to hear the answer to: If Emilia were to write Game of Thrones fan fiction, what would it be? After all, the Internet is filled with it. Well, she has some thoughts:

Now that’s an episode we need to see.