Rachel Paige
July 14, 2016 6:28 pm

Emilia Clarke is a worldwide treasure. She plays the super serious (and super kickass) Daenerys Stormborn,the Mother of Dragons, on Game of Thrones, and we love every second of it. IRL, she plays a super awesome (and also kickass) human being.

Since awesomeness is rewarded, Clarke woke up this morning to find herself with a Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress for A Drama Series for amazing work this year — omg, all of it was amazing, like that time she set a building of Dothraki men on fire, and then that one time she sailed to King’s Landing with a billion ships? Chills. You go, girl.


However, she’s not the only Westeros resident with a nom for this year. Both Lena Headley and Maisie Williams snagged recognition in the same category. And why just celebrate your nom when you can celebrate ALL THE NOMS?

Posting to Instagram, Clarke shared the best congratulatory picture. We’ve got two breathtaking pictures of Headley and Williams, and in the middle…a picture of Clarke trying to use the bathroom in full Dany costume.

Well, this might be the the best way to celebrate your much-deserved Emmy nomination — pose with a toilet.

Congrats to all three of these lovely ladies, and we can’t wait to see you storm the red carpet in September.