Karen Belz
September 20, 2016 9:48 am

If we had to pick a celebrity best friend, Ellie Kemper would be a fabulous choice. Not only does she have an incredible sense of humor, but she seems to be such a positive, fun person. Michael Ausiello from TVLine happened to spot her at the 2016 Emmy awards, and of course, asked her about what’s to come with one of our ultimate favorite shows — Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Kemper was nominated for the show (since she’s excellent in it) and got to dish with Ausiello about getting to work with Lisa Kudrow, and prepping for Kimmy’s next adventures.

It turns out that production is starting shortly for season three, and of course we’d love to know more. (And hey, Tina Fey allegedly gave the okay to spill some info.)

Netflix / giphy.com

And that’s fantastic, since we still can’t get the tune of “Peeno Noir” out of our heads. Who knows? Maybe a Kimmy Schmidt soundtrack will eventually happen. (Of course, it’d probably just be available on cassette.)