Credit: Instagram / Ellen Page

If you haven’t already heard of Gaycation, Ellen Page’s Viceland series, it’s never too late. The show was an 2016 Emmy Nominee and hopes to broaden representation of queer folks in the mainstream, not just at home, but all over the world. From their Orlando-themed episode to their everyday awesomeness, we’ve been blown away. And Ellen Page’s announcement of Season 2 of Gaycation is actually so intense.

Ellen Page thanked everyone who have supported and shared stories as a part of Gaycation.

“Thank you to all the courageous and inspiring people who shared their stories with us. ❤️🌈”

According to Page, we can expect to see the second season September 7th, which is so soon!

And the trailer was so intense it was almost hard to watch.

Proving just how *important* this series is.

It’s a tough watch for sure, but it’s also totally uplifting and empowering. We need more queer media for queer people by queer people, and this shows just how effective that can be. Ellen Page and friend Ian Daniel are really doing something incredible here, and we can’t wait to see what happens in the second season.