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When we hear the hilarious childhood stories of stars like Ellen Page and Jenny Slate, it makes us feel less alone about the strange things we did growing up. Jenny Slate recently discovered an old box from her childhood, and she brought pictures to James Corden to discuss.

The box was labeled “This is a box of things that make me mad” and it was truly just that. James brought out pieces of paper that listed things like “being so socially awkward” and “that I have a hard time believing Trevor is in love with me.” We all definitely had those worries when we were growing up, which proves Jenny Slate is just like us.

Ellen Page was also on the couch, and she had some funny stories of her own, the best being that she used to write love letters to made up people. Even better, the love letters weren’t from herself, they were from a made up person named Jordan.

“Now that I’m older . . . now you’re like ‘Oh, I get it,'” she explained. “I’m just saying the letters were to, like, girls.”

While these experiences may be cringe-worthy, they’re a totally necessary part of life. Plus, without them, we wouldn’t have something so hilarious to laugh about!