Ellen DeGeneres does not beat around the bush when it comes to hard hitting questions. If she wants to know how Blake Shelton kisses, she is going to ask about Blake Shelton’s kissing. Even if that means making Gwen Stefani blush in the process.

In case you’ve been living under a rock that doesn’t get NBC’s The Voice, Stefani is a coach this season, along with long-time coach Shelton. Both Stefani and Shelton have recently gone through marital splits, and it wasn’t long before the rumors started swirling that the two of them were dating. Those rumors actually turned out to be true, and a rock-pop-country music pairing we didn’t even realize was POSSIBLE became a thing.

For the most part, the two have been keeping their relationship private, and we get that, so keep doing what you’re doing, guys. However, when you show up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, everything is fair game.

DeGeneres starts off with some easy stuff, talking about Stefani’s new song and how much the two — Stefani and DeGeneres — love one another. Their conversation then shifts to the “d-word” (divorce), and how Stefani is getting through it thanks to her music, and The Voice. Well, that is the perfect chance for DeGeneres to comment, “you’re having lots of fun!” And then a giant picture of Stefani and Shelton appeared on the monitors behind them.

Trying to laugh it off, Stefani admits that she didn’t even KNOW of Shelton before The Voice (WHAT? How is that even possible?), and by this point she has opened up the floodgates for the question that’s on everyone’s mind (or, at least, on Ellen’s mind): is he a good kisser, or nah?

Yup, Ellen went there, because she can. She’s Ellen. And, yup, we’re really enjoying this clip from Friday’s episode.

(Image via EllenTube)