Lea Michele might play a scream queen on TV, but it was the real Michele who did the screaming yesterday afternoon on Ellen.

Stopping by the show to dish to Ellen DeGeneres about all things Scream Queens — Ryan Murphy’s newest TV show, which is like part Glee, part American Horror Story, and already our favorite show on TV after its premiere last night – Michele wound up on the wrong side of a classic DeGeneres prank. You know how Ellen likes to prank people, right? She does so by scaring the living daylights out of them, in completely unassuming situations. (Um, remember this iconic Taylor Swift scare?)

Well, while Lea was in the middle of talking about her “dream” — which is to watch the OG Halloween with Scream Queens co-star and OG scream queen herself, Jamie Lee Curtis — WHO SHOULD POP OUT OF NOWHERE, but Michael Myers, the killer from Halloween. Michele had literally just finished explaining that she loves scary movies when BAM. All the scares.

Also major props to the Ellen staffer who hid in the side-table throughout the entire segment, just to scare Michele.

It’s so worth checking out.

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[Image via EllenTube]