Sophia Elias
Updated Jul 24, 2015 @ 7:41 pm

Tove Styrke, the Swedish electro-pop love of our lives, just released a visual cover of Britney’s legendary hit, “…Baby One More Time”.

The 22 year-old completely reworked the ’90s classic, trading those bubble gum pop sounds for a much groovier interpretation. Balancing elements of electro-pop and funk, the tune practically invents a genre all its own. It almost has a Mirwais – “Disco Science” vibe to it, which by my estimation, is a very good thing.

Also starkly different from the original: The music video. Let’s just say you won’t catch Tove sporting any schoolgirl outfits. Instead, the Swede dances alone in a dark room, sporting an Adidas tracksuit. It’s very moody and very perfect. And hey, we’d probably do the same if we’d just made an electro cover of “Baby One More Time”.

Check out Tove’s flawless cover below.

OH! And don’t forget to check out her debut album, Kiddo. “Ego” has to be one of our favorite songs!

(Image via YouTube)