Credit: Kevin Estrada/ABC via Getty Images

While it might not *really* be grounded in reality (thank goodness, tbh), Shonda Rhimes has opened up about how the election impacted the new season of Scandal, and it’s actually really prophetic.

While we’re sad that the return of Scandal, along with Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away With Murder, has been delayed by one week, we’re itching to see what’s going to happen when the politically charged drama returns for its sixth season. And, if the trailer is anything to go by, things for Olivia Pope and the gang are looking as dramatic, crazy, tense, and completely wild as usual!

Now Shonda Rhimes has opened up about how the IRL election has affected the show, and it’s quite surprising.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Rhimes opened up about how the show needed some tweaking following the election.

Rhimes went on to say that one storyline in particular was practically prophetic: they had a story about the Russian government trying to “destabilize” the U.S. government and its election.

While Scandal and the rest of the T.G.I.T. line up might not be returning on January 19th as previously expected, there’s not *too* long to wait as all three shows, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, and How to Get Away With Murder, will return on January 26th on ABC.

Looks like we’re *finally* going to learn who won the election, too. Will it be Mellie or Frankie?